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Causes of short circuits in wall switches and sockets?

Wall switch is the kind of wall can be installed on top of the wall, can play the role of the switch, can also play the role of the socket switch socket. So do you know what causes wall switch socket short circuit?

The causes of short circuit wall switches and sockets are as follows:

To see whether there is through the national technical supervision department after the measurement of certification mark, testing units only through the measurement of certification is qualified to carry out testing, the report produced by its legal effect.

Check the date of issuance of the test. At present, China's building materials manufacturers in the detection, basically based on "indoor decoration materials harmful substances limit" 10 standards. This standard is the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and other relevant departments in January 1, 2002 began mandatory implementation. Consumers should see from the test report on the testing standards, testing based on whether the 10 new national building materials standards.

See whether the test products and purchase the same name and specifications of the product. Some manufacturers may produce dozens of building materials products at the same time, and a variety of product formulations and production processes are different, and their harmful substance content is not the same.

Improper installation of the switch, in particular, the switch is installed on combustible objects, the sheath is scratched at the wire lead, so that the core is exposed or water vapor infiltration, the switch is not installed properly, or the switch is disconnected to produce electrical movement row arc caused by the start of the fire. The distribution board is not in the box, and hot metal particles will splash down when the fuse blows, causing combustible objects below to burn.